It’s been awhile…

In the past year, I’ve traveled lots and haven’t had time to work on my photography, but I recently have had the itch to get back into it.  So, sorry for the lack of post for the past few years, I’ll try to be more regular in 2015!

These photos are of a beautiful family that I recently did a christmas photo shoot with.  I love this family,  because not only do they have the most gorgeous children, they are genuinely some of the best.  Here are a few from my evening with them…

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City of Angels


Los Angeles, California

Hello bloggers!

So, it’s been awhile, like it was last year when I last posted! Oh my goodness, when did It get to be 2014?  I remember complaining when I was probably 6 years old, to my mom, “my life is so slow, I just want to be a grown up already!” Her response, “just wait I’ll your older and you’ll want it to slow down.”  I think she’s right with that.  Time now flies by, days blur with weeks and weeks with months and months with years. Now I’m sitting in 2014 and wondering how I got here.

2013 was an incredible year! I stated it off in India where I then spend three months working with street children and serving the poor.  It was something that has shaped me in so many ways; from the way I look at those in India to how I treat people. I learned so much and was so blessed to be able to spend that time there and hope that someday soon I can return!

I returned home to Hawaii and soon after got a job as a barista and worked at the same cafe for the next nine months.
In July I started School of Dance Studies, an eight month dance intensive and school.  I jump into this school and spent six crazy and amazing months.  I’ve danced more then ever before, wrote more papers and had more bruises, mosquito bites and sore muscles then I would like to count.  All that to say, I loved it!


Praying over the City of LA 

Now,  I am currently in Los Angeles to finish out the last two months of my school.  I, along with my team of four others, will be taking open dance classes and hopefully building friendships with other dances and sharing the love of Jesus with then.  We will also be spending time in the House of Prayer in Pasadena/LA/Hollywood.  Our first week here we have really felt that the Lord wanted us to spend time sitting and waiting on Him for direction.  Everyday we’ve been going through the book of Acts, one chapter at a time and asking the Lord how to practically apply what we are learning in Acts to outreach and our lives.  It has been incredible to see how when we sit and wait on the Lord, He shows us exactly what He wants us to do that day and has given us so many divine appointments and it’s only week one!  I am so excited to partner with ministries here in the LA area and join in with their cry for revival to sweep LA and the nation.


Beautiful Pasadena! Love it here!

Prayer Request!

  • That we would all get gripped with a heart for the dance industry/LA/Hollywood.
  • That when people see our team, that they would see Jesus.
  • That we would continue to be patient and sit before the Lord.
  • Divine appointment as we start to go into the dance studios in Hollywood.
  • That we would only do what the Father wants us to do- nothing more or nothing less.
  • Health, so far so good, but we could always use prayer for perfect heath as we go through outreach 🙂
  • Finances.. There are a few of us on the team that need $$$

Thank y’all for your support of me and my team, we all so blessed and privileged to be here at this time!

Ps, if I didn’t say it already, I LOVE my team so much and and so blessed and encouraged by them each and everyday, so excited to see what the Lord does in these next two months!

New Personal Blog!

Hello to my blog followers! 

Sorry I’ve been pretty quite lately on my blog, I’ve been EXTREMELY busy!  Anyways, I decided to create a personal blog to keep friends and family updated, along with posting randomness (that’s what blogs are for, right?) So… If you would like to check that out, head on over to  to be kept up to date with what’s going on in my life.  I will probably be a little more quite on this blog, since I’m now back in school.  (Studying dance, but you can read about that on my other blog!)


True Beauty.


“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)

True beauty is defined by the heart, how a woman carries herself, how she speaks, what she does, how she acts and how she loves others. Beauty shouldn’t be defined by skimpy clothes or loads of makeup. How are you defined?

Only in Hawaii


I know I’ve posted a lot from Hawaii, but how can I not? Some evenings the sunset is ok, but others it is spectacular! Really no photo can capture the way it really looks. My friend was visiting me for a few days and as I was taking her to the airport, we stopped at the beach for the last sunset… And it was probably one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen (also, good company helps 😉

Stefani and I 🙂